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R.P., North Brunswick

Amazing! Great staff, kid friendly office! My son was nervous and Dr. Goldstein and his staff put his mind at ease. They talked to him and answered his questions. They were patient with my son and went at my sons speed!

Ira Sharma, Somerset

Best orthodontist, really cares for his patients!!

Gigi, Somerset

Dr. Goldstein and his staff are exceptional-we have been very pleased with his work and his office is wonderful-very accommodating, courteous and an absolute joy to deal with. Quality service is his top priority-you will definitely receive it from Dr. Goldstein and his crew. We would give a million stars if we could :)

Molly , Monmouth Junction

Dr.Goldstein is great. He always answers my questions and is very patient with me. When ever I have a problem his office staff brings me right in. I highly recommend him.

Molly Buckelew, Monmouth Junction

I have been a patient of Dr. Goldstein for about 5 years. Dr.Goldstein and his staff are very nice and sweet. When ever I have a problem He will see me right away. He always has time to answer my questions. I never feel rushed.

Melanie M, Monmouth Junction

Dr. Goldstein it’s awesome. He’s professional, caring and funny. I couldn’t be happier to be in this office His staff is the best always smiling and ready to help you. I highly recommend him.

Avi Dorawala, North Brunswick

The people who work there are very nice and kind. I am very happy with my smile now and i will recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Gia Dorawala , North Brunswick

Such an Amazing doctor! He made my smile perfect! ?? Love dr. Goldstein

Ana C, Kendall Park

Dr.Goldstein is a very good orthodontist, the results of my sons teeth after his treatment were absolutely stunning! Now my daughter is having her treatment and she can't be happier just seeing her smile changing over time. Dr. Goldstein's staff is very friendly and helpful, his office is has a nice waiting area, in a nutshell my daughter loves to come here! Thanks Dr Goldstein for your dedication and expertise!

Saesha D., Kendall Park

Dr. Goldstein is an amazing doctor, he is confident with himself and he always does the right work at the right time. I am so glad I am getting my treatment done from him. I would recommend him any day to any one. His staff are very nice, caring, and gentle. Great place to go for your orthodontics treatment done.


So wonder experience!!

Supal, Franklin park

Dr. Goldstein is a very good doctor, kids friendly. Explains everything upfront. Staff and doctor are great.

Arnav Dham, Kendall Park

Very good place for orthodontics. Staff and doctor are great!

I.L, Somerset

Dr Goldstein works really good and patiently in addressing my son’s teeth problems. Dr.G is very accomodating. Very recommended.

Diya P, South Brunswick

Dr. Goldstein is amazing. He always tells the patiens the pros and cons of the treatment/procedure so you can make informed decisions. He is very honest and really cares for his patients. He is so funny and you shouldn't be worried when you get there. I just love him!

Justin nguyen, Bridgewater

It was great

Mia , Somerset

I’m a patient on Dr. Goldstein and the experience is great and every time I go, I always feel safe. The staff are very accommodating and welcoming.

Stavya Gupta, Edison

Dr. Goldstein is an awesome doctor, kid friendly, and he is really funny!

Hannah McNulty, Somerset

I have been a patient for 2 years. It has been really fun. I will be getting my braces off soon and I’m happy with the way my teeth look! Dr.Goldstien is a lot of fun and really funny. It’s always fun coming for my appointments.

Sarrah. A, south brunswick

its good and has up-to-date technology.

Anna T., Somserset

Dr. Goldstein is great. My older son finished his treatment successfully with dr. Goldstein. So we started with the younger one. He is almost done too. We love the cara he takes. And great customer service by the staff and the doctor. My kids loved picking out color of their braces. Doc made this fun to have braces!

Claudia G, West Hartford

I took my grandson to Dr. Glenn Goldstein’s office to have his orthodontia work started. I am amazed at how knowledgeable,patient and understanding Dr. Goldstein is( remembering my own orthodontic experience). Before he worked on my grandson he explained step by step what he was going to do to allieviate my grandson’s nerves. The treatment for future appointments was explained carefully to me so I could tell his parents what the future appointments would entail. The office staff was also very knowledgeable,nice, and helpful regarding my questions. I am a dental hygienist and feel comfortable knowing the office has updated information , techniques and equipment.There are fun games and magazines to keep the kids and adults busy until the doctor is ready to see you. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience for my grandson and he came out of the operatory smiling with his braces! What better way to leave an appointment ! Mission accomplished!

Srinivas Chintakindi, Somerset

We love this office! The staff are amazing and friendly. Dr. Goldstein is awesome!


My daughter was a patient of Dr. G. Was a wonderful experience for us. He was funny, caring and honestly, best of all, never complained of being late or missing an appointment (or charging us) for them. When we started the treatment we were in South Brunswick and then moved to Princeton Junction and that was a hike but my daughter loved his service so much and wants us to take my son (we have a bunch of orthodontist across where we live) when he is of the age to go to him as well. If I had to chose I would go with him all over again.

Maureen S, South Brunswick

Dr. Goldstein is a great orthodontist . He is professional, caring and it is obvious that he loves what he does. He really has the best outcome for his patients in mind. His staff is friendly, as is he and they are always punctual ! He knows each and every member of the family. You will not be disappointed.

Aklhil M, Somerset

Dr.Goldstein does a fantastic job, he worked on my sons teeth right from expanding the jaws to perfectly aligned teeth.He is a perfectionist and very patent until the teeth were aligned perfectly. He has amazing staff and has flexible appointment schedule, I highly recommend him for any kind Ortho work.

Elle, V

I had braces for 5 years back in high school. Excellent. Dr. Goldstein takes his time and is an artist with what he does. I still wear my retainer in my late 20's and still go back to him to check my retainer's fit. Excellent work and staff in office.

Kim S., Princeton

Both my kids have Dr. Goldstein for their braces. He takes his time with us, explains everything, and does a fantastic job! The staff is very nice and we couldn’t be happier with the experience!

Michele Myers,

I would not take my 4 kids anywhere else!! It’s like our home away from home, Thank you Dr. Goldstein and your amazing staff !!!

Pearl S., Somerset

Dr. GOLDSTEIN is a excellent doctor! He has my daughter teeth looking perfect??????

S, Ma

Wonderful service! Would definitely recommend Dr Goldstein anyday!

Caryn, Dayton

Thank you so very much for the extremely, generous donation of both children and adult toothpastes and toothbrushes for my students. It is very appreciated!!

Anu P, Kendall Park

When I started to look for an orthodontist for my son, I heard about both Dr. Goldstein and another orthodontist group practice in Kendall Park. I went to both the offices to talk to the office personnel so that I could get an idea of their mode of operation. After visiting the offices and careful thinking, I chose Dr. Goldstein. I am so glad that I made the right decision. Dr. Goldstein is very skilled, thorough and dedicated, and his office personnel are friendly and courteous. On top of everything, the fact that his office is open till late a few days of the week, and open on most Saturdays was extremely convenient for us as both my husband and I work in NYC. Two years have passed since we started with Goldstein, and my son has come out with extraordinary teeth. Thank you Dr. - we couldn't be happier.

Ana C., Kendall Park

Our family met Dr. Goldstein back in 2011, when he started our son's treatment. His knowledge, expertise and recommendations are beyond expectations. He is a doctor who will analyze all options and choose the best path to follow your treatment. His staff is very attentive, courteous and his office has a friendly atmosphere. Now, my daughter is currently having her treatment and she could not be in better hands. I totally recommend Dr. Goldstein for all your dental needs.

Karen F, Somerset

Dr. Goldstein has the heart of a teacher. He keeps the patient and parent informed each step of the way. He is an expert in his field.

Millie H, Somerset

I have known Dr. G. for many years but not as patient until over 2 years ago. I was recomended to him by my dentist which made me happy and releaved because it was someone that I knew. I heard that he was good but that’s an understatement, he’s the best. He's thoro, he’s sweet, professional, he explains his procedures very well, and he and his staff are friendly and welcoming. He’s on time with his appointments and follow ups. I have no complaints. Listen to Dr. G because you can learn a thing or two from him. His entire staff work well together and I’m happy with my results and choice of choosing Dr. Goldstein as my orthodontist.

Ardaman S, Franklin Park

This is the second time on and both my boys have been very happy and satisfied with the pain free treatment. Dr.Goldstein is very patient and focused during the entire procedure. He has been very accommodating for appointment set-ups. I am truly impressed with the nice facility, caring and friendly staff, and a short wait time in the reception area. Thank you all!!


Dr Goldstein and his staff are very friendly, accommodating, and supportive. Both my children are so comfortable with Dr Goldstein and my son has completed his treatment and still prefers to come to him then his regular dentist. My daughter is going through her treatment now and was never comfortable with dental work but does not mind coming to see Dr Goldstein for her checkups. He makes her laugh and feel comfortable. My son's teeth are beautiful and I am confident that my daughter's will be also. I would highly recommend Dr Goldstein!

Salina K, Somerset

I love coming here! Doctor Glenn Goldstein is an amazing orthodontist. He’s understanding and has a good sense of humor and all the females who work here are pretty and have good representation. I highly recommend this place if you’ve had bad experiences because that will change here!

Kim W., Kendall Park

I was recommended by my sister and by my kids dentist as Dr. Goldstein did her kids orthodontic work! He has been great with my son who has anxiety and needed braces. Dr. Goldstein makes sure he explains everything first and that my son is on the same page as him before doing anything. We never have to wait long either. Would definitely recommend!